Think about your overall study strategy

After finding a treasure trove of old backups, I have been sorting through and summarizing my old study notes. I have found great summaries of physiology, anatomy and pathology, which I will be able to use for my next exam. It’s like finding gold.

Furthermore, my notes give me an impression of my technique. While some topics are neat, touch on all points and contain no irrelevant information, some are not. I have my (hopefully) last exam coming up in 2011. It is probably the biggest and most important exam I will sit, and I must study for about two years while working full time. So I have started researching different study techniques, and would like to share them with you.

Do you have an overall study strategy, or do you just “do what feels right?” I am interested to hear from other students who have examined their study skills and edited their style. Please share your study tips, plans and goals in the comments.


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