Medical Grand Rounds 4.51

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. When you sing you begin with A, B, C. When you read about medicine, you begin with Do, Re, Mi.

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Congratulations to all participants this week. I enjoyed reading your posts. My favourites this week are here, here, here, here and here.

Gender issues

Doe a dear, a female deer…

Cochrane has recently reviewed breast self-examination, which may have some interesting fall out. Read more (in English or Dutch) about The unusefulness of regular breast exam

And we are not sexist in The Sound of Music (well, not this one, anyway), so we offer The Top Five Ways To Get A Bigger Penis

And in animal issues, beware of the shirt tails of sting rays, as The Fitness Fixer explains in Medical Dictation Software Fun

Good news

Ray a drop of golden sun…

Lisa at the Cushings Disease Journey needs to figure out her surgery rush, or else she may be signing up for random procedures. Give her your best medical hypotheses at Sherlock

Allergy Notes has some good news about the side effects of Montelukast, which is apparently not linked to increased risk of suicide.

An examination of our past may improve CPR outcomes, according to A Brief History of Time: CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

I really enjoyed reading Six until me post on disciplining diabetes, Playpen. It made me smile, which is impressive given the serious topic.

Sometimes patient families can drop sunshine into your day, as amazimtoti explains in Love and Devotion

Self Image

Me, a name I call myself…. 


Vitum reflects on what he calls himself in Job title: medical student/health remedy engineer

It is interesting to look at reasons people blog. Clinical Cases and Images blog presents a list of characteristics of bloggers. Some of these might hit close to the bone.

The health care blog has some new information about the state of the health blogosphere.

Pseudo doctor discusses the sacrifices of medical student life in My own tipping point

Mobile medicine

Far, a long long way to run…

Evernote is a core tool for the mobile medic, as Josh Schwimmer explains in How Doctors Can Use Evernote as a Professional Memory Accessible Anywhere (parts 2 and 3)

And drug companies will go to great lengths to loopholes in drug legislation, as Doc Gurley explains in
Dare Not Speak Its Name

Logical conclusions and shaking needles

Sew, a needle pulling thread..

Insureblog explains that the logical conclusion of diabetes may not always be insulin, but rather leptin.

Maria and Georg may also expect good outcomes in their dotage, as explained in Living with a Partner Reduces Risk of Azheimer’s

Ruraldoctoring’ Birth Story #423: A Small Difference is a (scary) story which reinforces the need to know stuff that “you don’t need to know.” Sometimes when your suture hand shakes, it’s because you won.

Random thoughts and hold music

La, a note to follow so…

Teen Health is celebrating 2 years of blogging, and has compiled a list of their best articles.

Medicine and Man has compiled a nice patient primer on when to worry about chest pain

The Black Pain blog introduces Sciatica and Epidural Injections - Risks and Side Effects

There are some useful Tips for avoiding medical debt at the health business blog.

Does God sit in waiting rooms? If You Have No Ideas, Just Deny the Problem Exists talks about the use of emergency rooms as receptacles for sick patients.

Diabetes Mine has an interesting commentary on the politics of drug approval at Byetta Fallout Hits Novo Nordisk (That Pancreatitis Scare)


Tea, I drink with jam and bread…

Walter Jessen explains the perils of processed jam and bread in Processed Food Makers Cut Corners As Prices Rise

Ramona at Suture for a living explains the nutritional pitfalls of bariatric surgery in Nutritional Deficiency of Post-Bariatric Surgery Body Contouring Patients: What Every Plastic Surgeon Should Know

Revisions and never-ending loops

And that will bring us back to do oh oh oh.

Emergiblog shares some insights into how she would revise her nursing career, if she had the opportunity in If I knew then what I know now

Bongi writes about the state of healthcare in South Africa, and the effect on supplies. He seems to be running around to return to the same spot.

And Health Blawg discusses the perennial problem of hospital acquired infections, in an interview with Leah Binder, CEO of Leapfrog group.

There may be unexpected benefits to patients from bed block and ward constipation, according to Dragonfly initiative, who writes Hey we all can be gallstone buddies

Those who want to relive the childhood magic, here is Maria, and the children.

Thanks to Colin and DrVal for supporting Grand Rounds. The next Grand Rounds will be at Nurse Ratched’s.


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