Medical software I couldn’t do without

After a discussion on the Twitter, I got thinking about core medical apps and hardware. We all need an email client and we all need a browser. But what applications are vital to my medical practice? Maybe I wouldn’t even use them if I wasn’t a doctor?

The list is suprisingly short:

  1. Papers
  2. Papers is itunes for your scientific journal articles. It organises your PDF’s, associates them with Tags, and makes them searchable. You can create smart folders. You can read articles in full screen mode and take notes. I use this every day for both study and my research, and I have raved about it before.

  3. Scrivener
  4. I use Scrivener as my general note-taking tool. I study with it and I write my PhD logbook in it. I can link between articles and to external sites and resources. Furthermore, if I want to export to Word for formatting or to print my thesis or a journal article, it is easy.

  5. Excel
  6. Excel is my basic data management tool for my research. I keep tables of results for cut/paste to stats programs.

  7. My iPhone (hey, it’s my list!)
  8. My phone has become a pivotal part of my workflow. I use the calender and camera to keep track of the few patients I see at the moment. Furthermore, as I am still in training, a mobile phone number and a PO box gives me a virtual office.

  9. Evernote
  10. I have been clear about my love for Evernote. I use this for taking notes in lectures, and keeping reference material to sort through later. If I am on a public computer, I can drop bookmarks into Evernote to look at later. It saves me having to think about anything, and I am sure I will be able to sort through everything later.

  11. Audit
  12. I am yet to find a good solution for my personal procedure audit, which is really important to me. My data is currently kept in a Word document, and in my paper filing cabinet, which is ridiculous. My college is about to launch an online audit solution for trainees, but I prefer to keep my own data as well, so I am going to look into database programs. I welcome suggestions on this point.

My other every-day apps, that also get used for medicine

So now it is time to share. What are your core applications? What do you use everyday, and what could you never live without? Write a list and post it as a comment. If you have a blog, then post your greatest hits, and link-back here so we can share.

(This is open to anyone working in any field of medicine, and any operating system)


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