Plugging away at a thesis

I have continued to have a lot of work to do on my PhD thesis, which is finally at revision stage. I have written a post on my personal blog explaining in more detail what I am up to with it, and some general news about what is going on in my life.


I am out to lunch

I have been busy with other things recently, particularly writing my thesis, which is due this month. I keep finding cool things that I want to share, though. So as proof I am still alive, if covered in an avalanche of papers:

Autofocus 2 has been released

I love Autofocus, and feel it has revolutionised the way I do things. It is like GTD, but simpler. It has been revamped into a more complicated system, but one that deals equally well with urgent and non-urgent tasks.

Read more in this post.

Desktop dumping

I have avoided the problem of desktop dumping by having an inbox on my dock that I dump into instead. I process it fairly regularly. Lifehacker just posted a round up of other solutions, some of which are really neat.

Wallpaper roundup: getting things done


Evernote meets scansnap

For those who love paperless filing, and Evernote, you will be pleased to know that Evernote now talks to Scansnap scanners (the most excellent scanner, which I use daily). This is particularly useful given Evernote’s fancy text recognition. If you have a Fujitsu ScanSnap
(and why don’t you?), you want to know about this.


Running Melbourne

I rarely use this blog to beg for money, but I am choosing to on this one occasion. I am an unfit person, and I have been recently working on improving that. My current fitness goal is to run a 10km fun run. I have chosen Run Melbourne, which is in a few weeks time on the 28th of June. I am not a natural runner, so I assure you I will not do it fast. But my aim is just to complete it without walking.

I am working hard to make this possible. I am doing specific personal training sessions aimed at improving my running, and they are seriously awful. Last week our task was to run alternating fast and slow laps for 60 minutes. And then we did interval sprints. And yes, I am paying for this.

As an added bonus to this experience, I can dedicate my run to a particular charity and ask friends and family to support me. I have chosen Breast Cancer research. I have treated a lot of patients with breast cancer, and I know small advances in treatments will help a lot of people. If you feel like helping support this cause, please head over to my fundraising page. Donations close on the 28th of June, when the run is over.

End marketing drive.

DrCris’ Fundraising Page

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More Simplicity in Medicine

I have written about the need for more simplicity in medical careers and the reasons we get too complicated. I am planning to explore this topic in more detail. These posts are more brainstorming than advice, and I encourage everyone to share their thoughts in the comments.

Zen Habits have published a list of techniques for achieving a more simple life and how to edit your commitments, which are worth considering in a medical context. My thoughts are in italics.

What are your suggestions for a more simple medical life?